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Majority of transactions conducted face-to-face with customer in a mobile environment.



Use Your Cell Phone!
Merchant account included.
ePN Mobile Processing Account required ($5 monthly + $0.05 per transaction).
Phones / PDA's / Wireless Data Plans not included (consult with your service provider).
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Which phones will
ePNMobile work on?
  Select Your
Carrier or Device
  Phone Models
Select from list above.
Blue listings are Bluetooth compatable.
Green listings are manual transactions only.

Select a phone for
additional notes.

The Perfect Solution for:

  • Mobile Merchants 
  • Taxi Cabs 
  • Car Rental Companies 
  • Off site Service Providers 
  • Outdoor Recreation Facilities 
  • Seasonal or Temporary Facilities 
  • Restaurants 
  • Hotel or Resort Applications

bluetooth card reader    Woosim reader & printer

ePNMobile Transaction Processing Software, a Java ME software application, enables merchants utilizing compatible devices to securely process credit card transactions anywhere they use their Java ME-compatible device.

Java™ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) is referred to as "the most ubiquitous application platform for mobile devices across the globe", and is available on hundreds of cell phones, PDAs and other mobile devices.

We offer a complete range of Java ME-enabled Wireless solutions, from manually-entered solutions for the most budget-minded of merchants, to swiped solutions utilizing the most leading-edge technology available today.




Toll Free: 1-800-253-9679


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